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The name behind the brand, the »we« in all emails to distributors and customers. To those who don’t know me. I am Domen. Started as a climber about 22 years ago, been a coach for the last 16 years and founded Delta 5 years ago. Before that, I made a lot of plywood volumes for our teams spray wall in Radovljica. The quality got better and better each year, other climbers liked them, they were cool for trainings, so I thought heck let’s try to sell some plywood to Slovenian boulder gyms. I knew the product quality was decent, what I didn’t know was that I will make hundreds of iterations of volume texture and still won’t be totally satisfied with it.

I used what I could get for the production space. No running water, no toilet. At the beginning also no electricity or heating. But it was fine. I bought a big shipping container for storage, a fireplace, got the electricity from the neighbor farm and put in a lot of work. Orders started coming in. It was an amazing experience when costumers all over the world started to order my stuff. Volumes that I made in my own production. So cool. So inspiring, so motivational. At some point I had more orders than I could produce in a 8 hour working day. But it was still fine. I can work extra 2 hours a day, no problem, psyche is high.

I started coaching relatively young at 16, with a small group of kids at a local club in Radovljica. The transition from athlete to coach was really simple. My coach said “Domen, I think I have enough of this, it is time for you to take over this group” And so I did. From local comps to nationals to getting my first athlete in the Slovenian youth team. Fun times. Somewhere along the way I sensed some real talent in a soon to be youth B girl from Radovljica and an even younger kiddo from Jesenice. 8 years later the Jesenice dude won the 2022 lead world cup and the Radovljica girl is also a world cup medalist.

Even 2 years ago I considered myself as an “recreational” coach. For sure I put a lot of effort in trainings, but I didn’t feel any pressure. My trainings started at 18.00 when I was done with Delta stuff and I took it as time to relax and have some fun. Trainings in the evening and in a group of 6 to 8 climbers were a standard for Luka and Vita. I saw that they were putting it all in. I knew I wasn’t… and I also knew the potential they had. At one point I felt I had to make a step (or two) forward in my coaching game and push with the same desire, effort, and passion as they did. I felt it was the only fair thing to do.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I also work as a Slovenian team coach for the past 4 years. Another opportunity that I really couldn’t say no to…

That said, it was about time to turn a new page. And so we did. It feels like a “we” this time!

There where not many options left on the table… I wanted my own production but I also wanted to stay a dedicated coach and most of all I wanted best quality for Delta. I knew the only option was outsourcing. So I took a long shot and knocked on the door of one badass company that I have most respect for and is in my opinion one of the most creative and innovative companies in the climbing world. 360 holds gave me and Delta a warm welcome. They didn’t just give a production for my brand and their top product quality, but also a huge amount of knowledge and advice. You can expect a lot of new from us also because of the guys at 360. Lets go!!!

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